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Healthy After School Snacks

By on November 21, 2017

Hello Friends!

Cheers to a short school/work week!

I don’t know about you, but my kids come home famished after school. Through the years, we have learned what snacks they like to have around and how we can add variety to their week so that they don’t get bored. Both of my children have sensitive stomachs, so the ideas that I am going to share are ones that work with their tummy issues…

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Back To School Series | Recipes & Meal Ideas

Instant Pot Ribs

By on September 7, 2017


We cannot continue our Back to School Series without introducing the Instant Pot. This little appliance is a game changer in the world of home cooked meals. Working Moms rejoice! Where has this thing been all of my life?!?

What is an Instant Pot, you ask? Imagine the exact opposite of a crock pot. This baby cooks your meal in 20 minutes or less from start to finish. No joke. It is a pressure cooker, but more high tech and safer to use than the ones our parents used to use. They are available at most stores, I bought mine on Amazon:  Instant Pot


My family loves ribs but I have actually never cooked them because of the time commitment. My wonderful friend, Nikki, makes the best ribs and we can usually convince her to make them for us once a year… So, when I found a recipe that said I could make ribs in 20 minutes, I was all in.

Now, a few disclaimers… this post is not sponsored in anyway. All opinions are my own and as soon as I save up some more cash, I am buying another one. I was deathly afraid of using this because of the posts my friends put on my Facebook page about it. BUT, my awesome Hubs read the manual and talked me through it and I am happy to say that we did not blow a hole in our ceiling. You guys, it is totally a piece of cake to use!! Just read the manual, follow the recipe, and you are ALL GOOD. The Instant Pot does come with a small recipe book but I prefer finding recipes the old fashioned way, searching Mom blogs. These recipes are family-tested and literally walk you through not only the recipe, but also how to use the Instant Pot. For each recipe that we used, I have included the direct link to the website.

The ribs… Holy Moly! They are amazing. We have made them twice now. The first time, we only cooked 1 rack of ribs at a time. Our kids ate the whole entire first rack while the second one cooked. The second time we made them, I put 2 racks of ribs in the pot and they cooked perfectly. Once the ribs are done, brush them with your favorite BBQ sauce and broil them for the perfect glaze.

Instant Pot Ribs




To finish off our meal, and to reinforce the need for a second Instant Pot, we also made Mashed Potatoes (in 10 minutes!!) and Mac and Cheese (homemade in less time than a box mix).


 Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes


 Instant Pot Mac and Cheese


Trust me, Friends.

Read this blog and then go right over to Amazon and order yourself an Instant Pot. Your family will thank you.


xoxo, Amy

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Back To School Series | Organizing & Decorating

10 Minute Organizing Projects

By on September 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Here we are, already half way through the week!

Continuing our Back to School Series, today we have 10 Minute Organizing projects. I admit, I am Type-A all the way and having a neatly organized home is the way my family functions best. But life happens and suddenly our neat, organized spaces are disasters. I try to make a point to address one or two of these areas each week when I clean so that I don’t have to dedicate a whole weekend to organizing or cleaning our house. Luckily, my kids and husband are very well “trained” and keep their own spaces very clean and organized as well!

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Back To School Series | Recipes & Meal Ideas

Our Favorite Pumpkin Bread

By on September 5, 2017


Hello Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We enjoyed our last summer weekend at the lake and now our kids are back to school today.  This week kicks off our Back to School series.

This week I will share with you easy, delicious family recipes, healthy after school snacks, and 10 minute organizing projects that will make your life run so much  smoother as the school year begins.

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