Ironman WI 2017

By on October 16, 2017

Ironman WI 2017: Medical Tent Crew

Ironman is an event for the elite athlete and those that believe they can achieve anything that they set their minds on. It is a test of strength, endurance and sheer will power. Most will cross the finish line and receive their medal, others will cross the finish line after midnight and others will be brought in to the medical tent unable to finish the race. Either way, they have accomplished far more than most humans ever attempt.

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R+F Leadership Retreat 2017

By on October 9, 2017

Have you ever taken a huge leap out of your comfort zone and hoped for the best? I did this in January when I started my own skincare company with Rodan + Fields. I initially did it out of desperation to help my tween daughter end her struggle with acne despite prescription treatment. If you have children, you know we will move hell and earth to help them. I have practiced Dermatology for 13 years and my child still struggled with acne, and it was hurting her self esteem. I knew that I had to think “outside the box” and I was willing to consider most options that did not include prescription medications. My friend Becky, a fellow Dermatology PA, introduced me to Rodan + Fields, and is now my Power Partner with our Team Dream. She and I earned a trip to Door County for a Leadership Retreat in September and learned the power of being surrounded by women driven by the desire to live the life that they dream of.

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