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10 Minute Organizing Projects

September 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Here we are, already half way through the week!

Continuing our Back to School Series, today we have 10 Minute Organizing projects. I admit, I am Type-A all the way and having a neatly organized home is the way my family functions best. But life happens and suddenly our neat, organized spaces are disasters. I try to make a point to address one or two of these areas each week when I clean so that I don’t have to dedicate a whole weekend to organizing or cleaning our house. Luckily, my kids and husband are very well “trained” and keep their own spaces very clean and organized as well!

First up, the dreaded SPICES! Did you know that spices expire? Not all bottles are marked with an expiration date but it is recommended that you replace them regularly. Some spices need to be replaced yearly, while others can last up to 4 years. Because I use some spices more than others, I try to buy them in smaller quantities and replace them all each year.








Next up, our coffee drawer. Fun story, we don’t even drink coffee! But the kids do like hot cider and hot chocolate and most of our guests like a hot cup o’ joe. Since we also make candles, I always have one burning in our kitchen, but change them out often when we release a new scent. That means I rotate our candles often and they start to accumulate!









And then, the PANTRY. Oh sweet Jesus, this room can turn ugly overnight. I am so grateful for a large pantry in our new home but this beast needs to be tamed on a regular basis. This can only fall in the 10 Minute Organizing category because I do this once a week.

To start, I clean out all of the old bread products. My kids like to have buns for sandwiches and bread on hand, but we don’t actually eat a lot of it and grow a regular penicillin lab. Hee hee.

Then, I tackle the chips and snacks. My philosophy is “everything in moderation.” Our kids like chips, so does the big guy in our house, but often the bags go half eaten. * Please note, this post is NOT about healthy eating. It is important to me to have a well stocked pantry with items that my kids and all of their friends like to eat. We moved to town to be the house where people gather and that means we host a lot. I buy in bulk and at Woodman’s whenever possible to keep our grocery bills down and while I am organizing the pantry, I fill out my printable grocery list.

A cute printable grocery list to make meal planning and your trip to the grocery store a breeze!

Print your’s for FREE here:  GG


I love going to HomeGoods, Target and Marshalls to find inexpensive house ware items to use for organizing projects. I have found that small plastic drawer organizers work great for organizing chocolate chips, pudding, jello, and other baking supplies. Small plastic totes organize our cookie cutters by seasons and holidays. The white totes on the floor hold small chip bags and snacks for the kids that they can easily pull out for their lunches. A 3-tiered stand works great for organizing granola bars and protein bars.






Happy Organizing!


xoxo, Amy