Paisley the Pug

August 11, 2017

Paisley the Pug:

Our family has grown +1 this month and we are in love with our new pug, Paisley! There is an amazing story of love, determination, persistence and having a dream behind the story of this little pug that I think is worth sharing. And it will likely help you understand why a busy family of 4 that owns 2 businesses, works 2 career jobs, owns 2 homes and already has 2 dogs, would be crazy enough to get a third!


In 2012, Grace became obsessed with pugs. We didn’t think much of it initially because before that, she had been in love with turtles for several years and is still the loving owner of Leo, an African Sideneck, and Jim, a painted turtle. But she discovered Instagram, and more importantly, all of the pugs on Instagram. Every single day since 2012, I have received a photo and/or video of a pug. Every.single.day. Let me tell you, after 5 years of daily pug pictures, they start to look cute.

Last year, I started to wear down. I began to think of a business venture and a new candle line that would feature a super cute little pug. We looked for Wisconsin breeders and could only find a few, and none were having litters. We then gave the kids a choice: new home or puppy, and they chose a new home. Once settled in our new home for a few months, the pug talk began again. But let me assure you, the daily pictures and videos never stopped. Earlier this year, I decided to look for Wisconsin breeders again. Why I did this, I have no idea. But a new website popped up, and a wonderful breeder in Rice Lake appeared in my search that never had before. And he had 2 litters coming this summer.

Now, if you know our family at all, you know that we live big. We dream big. We don’t live with regrets and will pretty much try anything once. And the parents of this family love dogs as much as the kids do. We have had most pets that you can find at a pet store that my allergies can tolerate and short of having exotic animals or farm animals, we will consider all options.

So, long story short. We drove to Rice Lake to meet Dennis Dirks with PuppyPalz and met our little girl. And 1 month later, she was our’s. And because Hubs lives on surprises, he and his Dad drove 7 hours on a Wednesday to surprise the kids with Paisley a week earlier than expected.










She is now 9 weeks old and weighs 4 pounds. To brag for just a bit, because we were SUPER scared to get a little dog after raising 4 labs, this little munchkin is completely potty trained, kennel trained and sleeps through the night! We joke that the kids are better trainers than us. Henry, our 4-yr old black lab, is very tolerant of her and tries his best to play with something so small. Our 8 yr-old yellow lab, Ruby, chooses to ignore her most days.

And as we dreamed about last year, Grace launched our new candle line Pug Life. With scents like Puppy Breath, Afternoon Nap and Doggie Paddle, any pug lover or dog enthusiast is sure to love these for their own home or to give as gifts! Lake Life Candle Co.  

So, there is our love story about a girl and her pug. And just another reminder that we should all dare to dream BIG. Don’t be afraid to take chances, because there may just be an adorable baby pug around the corner…


xoxo, Amy