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How I Stay Organized

June 27, 2017

Owning two businesses and working my career job, along with being a Mom to two busy kiddos and having a Hubs who works all hours of the day means I MUST stay organized! It is no joke that if I were to lose my planner, our world would stop. Is it just me or can you not remember what you did yesterday either?!?


Now, I want to get this out in the open right away… my system is neither fancy nor high tech. I have used all sorts of gadgets and my phone in the past but there is nothing better than a paper planner with a good pen and highlighters. Period. Plus, my Hubs does not use his phone calender either, so entering information would be wasted energy.

*Also, this post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own and funded by myself.

Here are the three key players:

  1. Our weekly family calendar in the Mudroom: This calendar is actually a chalkboard and is updated each Sunday evening. This includes all of the kids sports and events and family things that we all need to know about.

2. The monthly family calendar, also in the Mudroom. This calendar has all events and appointments on it and is updated monthly. A blue marker is used for appointments and a red marker             is used for fun events.

3. My Life, all wrapped up in a pretty paper planner… I buy planners that have 2 years at a time. I pick ones that have large boxes to write in and can be seen one month at a time. I use a blue highlighter for appointments and work-related appointments and pink is for fun events. When I am home, this sits on our kitchen counter for my family to look at if they want. I never leave home with it. Up until now, there hasn’t been a certain brand that I love more than another, but that was until I found Erin Condren planners!! I now own one for our personal life and one for our business life. They are hard covered and bound, so will hold up well and are pretty to look at.

The last thing I have started over the last year, when starting our own businesses, was to up my game with my To Do lists. I have always been a list maker, which I give credit to my Dad for. I remember growing up and always seeing my Dad make lists… for our family trips, what he would pack for the next show, what he needed to get at the grocery store. I like notebooks because I rip out the page when my list is done, and my goal is to have a blank page as often as possible! Each notebook is for a different business, and then one for life in general. I love to stock up on these when my kids are getting their back to school supplies. Momma gets her own supplies too! Side note: I always have pens, highlighters, folders and notebooks on hand and stock up during back to school sales because we can always use these for organizing something!!  These notebooks are cheap, colorful and serve their purpose well.

UPDATE: I now keep daily lists in my new Erin Condren planners!

So, there you have it. Tools that I use to keep our lives running as smoothly as possible and on schedule.

xoxo, Amy