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Fifty Years

June 23, 2017

Hello Friends,

How is your summer going? Can you even believe it is the end of June already?!? We are in full summer mode… hockey camps, work during the week and lake life on the weekends! We are beyond grateful for this season of our lives…

This last weekend, my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage! We celebrated with our immediate family at the lake and had a wonderful weekend full of boating, relaxing, reading, eating and trying on Grandma’s wedding dress!I am grateful to my parents for raising us in a safe home that was full of love, family time, travel, and pets! We camped, went on road trips, spent lots of time with our grandparents and extended family. We owned a cabin in the big woods and there we learned to explore and had the best easter egg scavenger hunts!

My Dad has instilled in me the entrepreneurial spirit that was not appreciated by myself or even given true nurturing until last year when we started our first business, Lake Life Candle Co. And now, I am so very proud to say that I own two successful businesses, including my own skincare company. My Mom taught me what it is to be a strong, working Mom and that being a working Mom does not mean that we are any less of a parent. We can raise equally strong, successful children and I personally know that I am a better person and Mom because of my career. Together, my Mom and Dad made a perfect blend of nurturing, disciplined, adventurous, calm, loving, fun parents. Because I saw them bicker once in awhile, I learned that marriage wasn’t always perfect but it is important enough to weather every storm. They will probably cringe reading this but I actually remember them bickering at the dinner table one time which ended in the world’s best food fight! Talk about never going to bed mad. 🙂

When I met my husband, I knew that his loving, calm personality would be the perfect match for my “Type A-all the way” personality. Because my Dad went to every sporting event and was home every night for me, I knew that I wanted the Dad to my children to be involved in everything that they did. When I met my father-in-law and he was the exact same way, I knew that Hubs was going to be the one!


To Mom and Dad,

Thank you for showing us that true love is sticking together in the good and bad, happy and sad, sickness and health. You have taught us that marriage is not always roses and chocolate, but so good for so many reasons. And your marriage created this family that we are so very blessed to be a part of. THANK YOU.


                                                                                                                                                                 Lake Life stemless wine glasses









xoxo, Amy

  1. Dear Amy,
    Thank you so much for your words of love and appreciation! When dad and I got married, our goals were very simple: he wanted to be his own boss and I wanted to be a mom and a teacher. I’d say we have been successful in reaching those goals without ever having much money, just lots of hard work and determination. Our kids, and now grandkids, have always been our top priority.
    And yes we “bickered”, because marriage is difficult. (Thanks for not using the word Fight!)
    We did many things together that I would never have done alone. We have had a great, interesting 50 years together.❤️

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