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Acne: Our Enemy

June 15, 2017

Acne. A skin condition that can damage self esteem and self confidence in all ages, especially tweens. Isn’t life hard enough at this age?!? But then to deal with skin issues too seems totally unfair…

I have a long career in Dermatology and believe my life mission is to find and remove skin cancers. But I also have a passion to rid the world of acne. This is something I struggled with growing up but we lived in a small town where Dermatologists were hard to come by.  Fortunately after having babies, my acne has settled down. But for our beautiful daughter, the acne struggle is real. She has struggled with acne for a few years now and despite prescriptions,  wasn’t getting better. She is a hockey player year round and just could not get rid of the stubborn beasts.

This is where my Rodan + Fields journey begins…

Now, this post is not to sell you anything. This is from a once-desperate Mom who has a career in skin who could not make my child better with mainstream medicine.

This post is for you, who is struggling with acne and feels hopeless that anything will help.

This post is for Moms who have a child struggling with acne, who don’t feel as beautiful as you see them.

This post is to tell you that there is HOPE.

A fellow Dermatology PA friend of mine came to our house in December to buy candles for gifts and talked about  her new business with Rodan + Fields. I listened intently and congratulated her on this new endeavor. We both have the entrepreneur spirit, as my family owns a candle company and she owns a family vineyard. It wasn’t until January in the car with Grace that I realized we had to do something different. She said, “Mom, when my acne is bad it ruins my self esteem.” I can tolerate a lot when it comes to me, but when my children are hurting, I will move mountains. Grace started the Unblemish line by Rodan + Fields and by the second week, this girl’s smile could light up the room. She stopped all prescriptions and now 6 months into her regimen, Grace continues to love her skin and the products. I am so grateful that I was willing to take a chance and think outside the box, I just wish I had known about it sooner!

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Feel free to email me with any questions about Unblemish, or other R+F products…

{I am happy to share before and after pics of Grace’s journey, just not on the social media that her friends follow. Send me an email and I will be happy to share!}

xoxo, Amy